The method is an approach to systematically study the impact of the nutrient microenvironment on the metabolism of effector CD8+ T cells, based on performing stable 13C isotope labeling measurements on in vitro-differentiated murine effector CD8+ T cells. Naive CD8+ T cells are isolated from mouse

Last updated on: 05-03-2020 - 14:59

Contact: Dorien Broekaert
Organisation: KU Leuven, VIB KU Leuven
Status: Published in peer reviewed journal
We use stem cell-derived sensory neurons and via a small molecule-based protocol (Young et al, 2014) we derive them into human sensory neurons with a nociceptor phenotype (express somatosensory ion channels).

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Contact: Cannot be disclosed
Organisation: Cannot be disclosed
Status: Still in development, Published in peer reviewed journal
We propose to generate three-dimensional tumoroids from the primary melanoma cell lines, as well as 3D organoids from the iPSc-derived neural crest stem cells. We will use the AggreWell system (STEMCELL Technologies) to generate uniform, size-controlled three-dimensional spheroids. After 5 days in

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Organisation: VIB KU Leuven
Status: Published in peer reviewed journal