Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) are isolated from the peripheral blood using Ficoll gradient centrifugation. The PBMC are then stained with fluorescently-labelled monoclonal antibodies directed against cell surface or intracellular proteins that can be used to identify specific immune cell

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Contact: Cannot be disclosed
Organisation: Hasselt University
Status: Published in peer reviewed journal
Cell line which is commonly used to study biological processes in mouse macrophages. It is a macrophage-like cell line derived from BALB/c mice.

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Contact: Jerome Hendriks
Organisation: Hasselt University
Status: History of use
Worldwide, outdoor air pollution is responsible for 4.2 million premature deaths per year. Both chronic and acute exposure to particulate matter air pollution is a risk factor for heart and lung diseases. One of the atmospheric pollutant particles is represented by soot or black carbon (BC)

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Contact: Eva Bongaerts
Organisation: Hasselt University
Partners: Hasselt University, KU Leuven
Status: History of use, Internally validated, Published in peer reviewed journal
TEM, NTA and western blot were used to characterize the purified inflammation‐associated EV subpopulations from TNF-α treated HUVEC based on their sedimentation speeds (10K and110K) and surface markers (CDs and ICAM-1). Protein arrays were used to discover the immunomodulatory content of

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Organisation: Hasselt University
Status: Published in peer reviewed journal, Currently submitted for further validation by an external party (e.g. OECD, EURL ECVAM,…)
This method describes the steps from a living mouse to a multi-cellular brain slice model where complex cellular interactions can be evaluated.

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Contact: Melissa Schepers
Organisation: Hasselt University
Status: Still in development