We developed an innovative model to study the effect of the supernumerary X chromosome on KS features. The model was generated using induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) from patients with Klinefelter syndrome (KS) i.e. with a 47, XXY karyotype. In order to compare the potentials of both 47XXY

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Contact: Christine Wyns
Organisation: UCLouvain
Partners: GenevaUniversity Hospitals
Status: Published in peer reviewed journal
The ex-vivo endothelium-stent contact model allows measuring the impact of implants on the arterial tissue. The endothelium is directly exposed by inserting a wire made of the investigated material into the lumen of the aortic ring to mimic the contact between the coronary stent and the endothelium.

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Organisation: UCLouvain
Partners: UCLouvain
Status: Internally validated
The cytokinesis-block micronucleus method allows assessing the presence of DNA damage at the chromosome level. It is an essential part of toxicology, because mutation is a crucial event in carcinogenesis. The capacity of inhaled particles to induce irreversible mutations in type II lung epithelial

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Organisation: UCLouvain
Status: Validated by an external party (e.g. OECD, EURL ECVAM,…)
The hemolysis assay remarkably predicts the inflammatory potential of inhaled particles. The capacity of particles to damage cellular membranes is a key property to predict their inflammatory potential upon inhalation. In macrophages and epithelial cells exposed to particles, alteration of the

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Contact: Dominique Lison
Organisation: UCLouvain
Status: History of use, Internally validated, Published in peer reviewed journal
Hyper Polarized (HP) MR allows to considerably increase the sensitivity (>10.000) of MR spectroscopy and spectroscopic imaging. The hyperpolarized molecule can be injected at room temperature to a cell system or an in vivo model and its metabolism can be followed over a few minutes.The technique

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Organisation: UCLouvain
Status: Published in peer reviewed journal
HR MAS analysis of intact tissues consists in the metabolic profiling of entire tumor biopsies using high resolution NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) using 1H and/or 13C MRS (magnetic resonance spectroscopy). The technique allows combination of metabolomic data with genomic or proteomic data, and

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Organisation: UCLouvain
Status: History of use, Published in peer reviewed journal