In industry

  • Application of human stem cell-derived myocardial cells in the safety evaluation of medicines in development  - Ivan Kopljar (Janssen Farmaceutica) Download here (979.63 KB)
  • Eye irritation: the comparison of different alternative methods - An Van Rompay (VITO) Download here (1.79 MB)


In biomedical research

  • "State-of-the-art' of in vitro models to replace animal testing - Bart Landuyt (KU Leuven) Download here (1020.99 KB)
  • Alternative models for screening of (re)myelination in the central nervous systemTim Vanmierlo (UHasselt) Download here (1.11 MB)
  • Alternatives and new models in neurobiological research Liesbeth Aerts (VIB / KU Leuven) Download here (1.69 MB)


In toxicology

  • The current status of validated 3R alternative methods - Vera Rogiers (VUB) Download here (1.08 MB)
  • Mechanistic toxicology as a starting point for non-animal methodologies - Mathieu Vinken (VUB) Download here (990.42 KB)
  • Genotoxicity: in vitro methods and potential alternatives for in vivo research Luc Verschaeve (Sciensano) Download here (1.51 MB)
  • Prediction of acute and chronic thyroid toxicity in early life stages of the zebrafish - Dries Knapen (UAntwerpen) Download here (6.96 MB)